Friday, 26 June 2009

Ellastone 'the grey duster is a killer'

The weather conditions were great today and i knew Ellastone would be a good option, arriving at half eight i walked up from the bridge to see a huge hatch going off and rises all over the river, I soon tackled up and got in amongst them, I have started to fish the slower part of Ellastone because i find it harder fishing and it gives me great satisfaction to catch there, The rises were sips with head fin and tail rises, I could see lots of black sedges hovering over the water and emerging, from my lesson i have been told that these are taking emergers, i opted for a ballon caddis, fishcake emerger!, and a small f fly, i had little slashes and managed to catch a few but lots of fish were just ignoring them, this really gets on my nerves and i am obsessed with matching the munch, I got that pissed off i put on a small hairs ear nymph and fished it two inches under the surface which got me into a very good fish, i played the fish for a good five minuites and it was giving me a right run around, i give my fish really hard hammer now as i have had trouble reviving the fish this year and try to get them in as soon as possible, this seems to have done the job. I could not get this fish near the surface and it was plodding proving i was into a good fish, I got the fish near to me and it just bolted when it saw me and dived into the weed, i waded across to try and free it but the fish had freed the hook!!, gutted! another big fish goes missing on me again, this reminds me of my barbel fishing days, hook a clunker which takes you days of stalking and baiting up only to hook it and lose it!
Well i do not fish the nymph normaly but i had to do something to get a take, but this method did not producer anything after losing taht fish, i opted to go and get my new kelly kettle going and sit and enjoy the surrounding to chill me out, i got the idea of a Kelly Kettle from Mick Martin who uses one regular, i can see why as they are a great way to have a nice fresh cup of tea and relax, i sat with squire and wood the other night and we just sat around and talked general fishing and stuff while drinking fresh coffee, Squire texted me the next day to say 'it proves there is more to fishing than catching fish' this could not be more true and nights like that are not forgotten..
I soon got back in the river and started to fish the sedge inmatations again with fish totally ignoring them, i saw a couple of olive coming off and thought of trying something different than sedge, i went for a grey duster which absolutly killed the fish!! i was taking a fish from every rises i saw, I had very good sport until the bats came out which was time to call it a night, catching on the duster has just confused me so much more as i was thinking they were on the sedge all night??

Well a great night on a great stretch of river but a confusing one?
If anyone knows why why the duster did so well please let me know as i am confused!!



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  1. Glen

    By the sound of the takes I would say it was Spinners they were feeding on not Sedge.

    If they are slow Porpoise takes this is not usually indicative of emergers; emergers are usually taken with a sipping action not the porpoise action. Next time take a look in the river film for the evidence.

    Keep up the blog, I'm enjoying your ramblings...TTFN