Monday, 28 July 2008

River Dove (Ellastone) Derby Railway licence

First time i have fished this strech on the derby railway licence, I had to book in the night with the secretary,
The fishing rights are only 100 metres so only 2 rods are allowed all day,
The river has it all in the short strech, starting from the bridge upto a fast rifle,
The opposite bank is norbury licence which runs below the bridge and stock the water with good size rainbow,
I arrived around half four to and peered over the bridge to watch many trout mostly small rising occasionly, I spoted a good fish so tackled up and had a go but could not get any responce from the fish,
Working upstream i took a coulple of 5 inch trout on a grey duster, the good size fish were showning but not taking my fly until i switched to a black klinkhammer, i hooked a good trout from under a overhanging tree which hugged deep and fought very hard, i even thought i was going to lose it as it come around me down stream and was shooting for every snag it could see, i was only fishing a 2lb tippet so was very careful,
After ten minuites i landed a perfect brownie of 14 inches long with a thick body (sounds like my penis!!)
This was around 2lbs and was the biggest ever trout for me!! See pictures
When the light was fading i walked back to the bride and hooked another brownie of nearly 2lb again, the colours on this fish were unbeleiveable, (see picture with flash)
With spirits so high i got ready to pack up but casts one more fly and hooked another good fish, After a great fight with tail walking i landed a rainbow of nearly 3lbs, I had no photo of this due to battery failure on camera.
I had the best night fishing ever and it has proberly spoilt me a bit!

Thanks Glen


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  2. nice fish mate.
    what was the biggest.

  3. also glen try the
    DRAC forum on

    very friendly and helpful.


  4. Youth,

    These posts remind me of someone!!!

    Another Youth