Wednesday, 30 July 2008

River Dove Ellastone

Went for another go on the dove at ellastone after a great night i had on the monday,
When i arrived i met up with squire (dave) off the forum, who was just setting up, he fished the top section and i started by the bridge,
There were plenty of rises showing but most looked like grayling which were fast takes, I caught one wild brownie early on that fell to a ballon caddis.
Squire caught one small trout early on and things were quite until the last hour when we both fished the middle section and squire hooked a decent brownie of around a pound and a half, after a good fight we got a couple of photos (see pics) and realeased it back.
I started to get lots of takes from grayling and caught a good size one of around a pound, this fish went mad when it saw the net and caused me a few problems.

At the end of the night me and squire had around 8 fish between us which proved a good night with a couple of decent sized fish.
It was nice to see one of the lads off the forum and have a good old natter, will see you soon dave.

Thanks Glen


  1. Whoops sack the juggler!! This won't go down as my cleanest un-hooking.

  2. glen hit the fucker with a brick hammer its a better job.

  3. glen you are one sad fucker and your face looks really fat, have you had a allergic reaction to the trout? thanks spig of kidsgrove