Thursday, 24 July 2008


I have joined derby railway after seeing the fish mick martin and his bro have been taking from some of there streches,
Mick sent me some directions and some great tips of where to fish/flys ect (thanks mick)
When i turned up at the river i noticed it looked very much like the dove at scropton, River was quite wide with deep holes,
Canoeists were everywhere when i got there causing mayhem but 5 mins after they had gone i started to see rises.
I jumped in and started to fish a small grey duster around the rises but fish were not interested, i went trough quite a few flys but still no fish were taking my fly, rises we very violent and the fish looked to be of a good size,
I moved further upstream to a faster run and put on a black klinkhammer which took my first fish of the day! A 8 inch trout which put a great fight for the size.
After catching on the klinkhammer i moved back to where i started where the rises were constant, I soon took another 8 inch trout, The klinkhamer was doing the trick and I was rewarded with a great take from under a tree which caught me a nice brownie of around a pound, the fish took me a good 5 mins to land making lots of runs, The condition of the fish here are great, a yellow tinge which i have never seen.
I am really keen on this strech and will be back soon for another go.
(thanks for the advice again mick, its much appreciated)

Thanks Glen

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  1. Hi Glen

    Nice fish pics at Darley Dale and I'm glad to be of use. I'm pleased that you enjoyed fishing there and I'll see you on the riverbank soon.