Friday, 16 August 2013

OMBRÉ of the river Dove!

Ombré known by the French anglers for grayling meaning 'shadow' 
My Dove record graced my net earlier this week, a 49cm 3lb plus fish taken on a stripped quill F fly..
The love for these fish is becoming part of me..
Living the dream


  1. Cracking grayling Glen, looks a beast, well done.

  2. Now that really is living the dream Glen! Very well done on your PB for the Dove.


  3. Excellent! Well done Glen. We have graylings of that size also in Sweden but they are rare!
    Leo Oras

  4. Did you weigh it Glen?

  5. Great fish mate, welcome to the 3lb club!!!

  6. Thanks for the comments, for the time and effort that i put in these days are what its all about for me so thankyou..
    Warren, yes i did weigh it, it took my samson scales down to 3.8lb with the net...the net weighs around 7,8 0z when wet so without being spot on it was just over the 3lb mark..
    For some reason the 48/49 cm fish have absoutely pilled weight on compared to last year, i caught ones last year of 51 cm that were 2.12 so hopefully i can catch one of these again..
    nice one

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