Sunday, 4 September 2011

Salt Water fly fishing Angelsey pure class

Anglesey was the planned route for my first ever swff, I had heard so much about this growing sport and the mullet is something I dream of hooking on a fly rod.. When I was 6 years old I hooked one in Majorca on bread that was over double figures outside a harbour pub while my mum n dad sat eating and watching me, I had hundreds of folk watching cheering me on... A pissed up english lad went down to grab the fish and fell in knocking the fish off, a big cheer from the crowds made it a right laugh but I never forget losing that fish and still to this day i have yet to hold a mullet in my hands..
I been today and had a amazing few hours, might sound mad but did not land a fish but enough happened to give me heart pounding stuff!!
This was my first swff and I fishe around the Holyhead area..
Looking for signs of fish I saw some boils and the odd slash.. Creeping up I could see huge mullet drifting around and sometimes sending v's through the flats..!! Well this was amazing sight to see.. I only had river flys in my box so had called the local shop and bought some mackerel feathers and stripped them down to one fly.. Basically a clouser looking pattern..
I was standing in 2 ft of water and raised my rod getting ready to set a line to a sighted mullet... The whole place boiled around me as i spooked loads of fish!!!
Casting my fly my heart was proper in my mouth as a huge mullet followed my fly right upto my feet and then ghosted off.. Grrrr
From that point I struggled on the mullet, it was as if they knew I was there and closed there selves up just like grayling back on my rivers..
I stood for a hour and watched these fish, they were feeding on something just under the surface, if I had known what this was I am cconvinced I would of hooked one..
Does anyone know what they could of been feeding on?

Well the story did not end there as I saw a huge slash further out, I basically waded out as far as I could and sent my feather into the area, the fly just hit the surface and a huge bass smashed it like nothing I have ever seen!! I wacked into it as it headed away from me.. I was hammering my rod right over to stop it hitting a rope from a boat and that's when it all went wrong, the rod snapped into 5 pieces in my hand!!! Grabbing the line I tried to hand the fish but it was shut tight to a rope..
In the end I had to pull for a break.. Gutted but absolutely buzzing, I had my first swff and boy it was proper heart pounding stuff..
Be back soon
And thanks again to the swff boys on the fly fishing forum, without there knowledge it would take a long time to before I got to where I want..

No mullet pictures yet but the mussels were great
Nice one

'living the dream'

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  1. Nice report Glen! Sorry to hear about the rod and hope it wasn't a good one you were planning on taking to Islay. Now don't go over completely to the dark side and forget the trout and greyling. There's a record breaking greyling waiting for you in the depths of the Wye if you don't get distracted by the salt water!

    Take care