Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Islay trip September

The second trip of the year for myself on Islay with woody, Wesser, John Tyzack, Andy Heath and Ron Trevis..
As normal it's been mental and some of the things that have happened have been unbelievable!! I will report this when back but here is a few pictures for now !!

'living the dream'


  1. What a disappointment. Where's the Trout photos?

    And the 'v's !

    Hope your all having a great time.

    Blog not up to your usual standard, is that because of the porn.


  2. "Keep it clean" Glen......did not mean having a shave!!!

    Mum xxx

  3. Did the gannet take the spinner?

    it don't look too happy


  4. Kev
    Oh yes the gannet took the spinner alright, dived 10 foot plus to take it.. Heathy was top draw in sorting it.. Unbelievable

  5. As captor of said gannet, I'd say it was closer to 20ft down that the wedge was intercepted. Unbelievable birds! Came from nowhere and slammed into the water as I was counting the lure down 10 seconds. Skillfully 'played' slowly across the surface into Heathy's even more skillful hands and a swift release was effected...