Friday, 1 April 2011

Post 4 Wye just bowls me over!!

Well sitting at home now and just coming down off my day with jt on the first day of the trout season on the holy Wye..
I did the live posts and they all loom sound on my blog..
It's good to do the Live posts but nothing better than getting home and thinking back on the days events..
Today had it all but the Wye has never failed to give me a buzz and I always drive home with a new tail to tell..
Jt and myself had decided the plan for the day.. We would walk the river and look for rises picking them out as we went along hoping for a nice flush of large dark olives
Around 11 we took a stroll through the town and this being some great fun if quiet can always fill your day with some electric action.. We were not to be let down.....
I took the first fish of the day with a absolute class looking wild rainbow pushing the 5lb mark.. We were site fishing the bigger fish as they were very willing to take the dry fished correctly as we did not want to hammer the section so early in the season..
We saw the Wye man himself RW and was so nice to see him since last year when I 'fished the spinner' with him in one of my most memorable days on the Wye...he was on his bike and making his way down to the lathkill all loaded up and buzzing..

Jt took a few nice fish in town then he just kicked into his level of fishing and caught the two biggest fish we saw all day!!!

Now this is the biggest fish I have ever seen to come out of the Wye !!! Omg

A huge brown of pure beauty that took jt all around the show!!!
His hand is still shaking now lol

Manc lad and a Stoke lad ltdffa

True wild rainbow classy fish

Well we moved out of the town and fished our way around the pumping station... This is where are real deal dry fly started to come on.. There was no real hatch going off but the fish were willing to take a well placed dun.. We had 1lbers smashing the jt olive!! A pure joy to see after such a long break away..
We were not going to get into just hammering pools so we decided to find a rise then both have goes at the riser.. This was great fun and a superb way to fish if your out with a fishing partner..
We did hit a pod of rising fish that turned out to be grayling so we moved on sharp..
We meet up with my friend Jan Hobat (river keeper), a good chat was had and he did take the piss that NASA had contacted him saying there was two flashing orange beacons in bakwell with bending rods!!!
Today I was using my iPhone 4 and had downloaded skype, this was used to Live video chat to woody in his shop!!! We even got jt to hook a rising fish while he was watching!! Mad technology!!
When we first logged onto video chat jt and myself were amazed to see Woody sitting in his front of his computer wanking his cock off at the fastest rate I have ever seen, looking at a 1980s razzle mag...
He soon realised we were watching and got into normal

Well my time come at the end of the day... We were fishing 'man from boys' pool and one fish was Head and tailing in a channel with at least 5 different paces of current!! Now these are what I love and after 5 mins hard graft I hooked a 10 inch wild rainbow in the hardest conditions I will find on the Wye.. a size 24 did the trick.and I was over the moon.. Jt knows a hard pool and said 'that's a string in your bow lad'
So I was buzzing my head off yet again

The Wye today had it all for us early season... Ldo fishing and midge fishing in short patches

A true great day out with a top lad on a class river

Nice one


  1. What a great Blog.
    Wonderful to hear your story.
    Wish I had been there.


  2. you've got no idea

  3. Cracking day out mate. You're right about that last pool. Quality angling!

  4. Good name for a fly that - The Ginger Tosser. I've just got a bargain ginger cape aswell for my more traditional patterns.

    LTDFFA soon

    You SKD

  5. Top class fish gents those are right stonkers! You can hardly believe that fish of such size live in the river!
    See on the water soon mate!

  6. Thanks for the comments good or bad lol
    The dry fly is out and it's time to enjoy some action


  7. Glen,

    Found you great blog today, and signed up to follow.

    I'm @

    Have a look and follow if you have time?

  8. Dear Glen

    I are from Sweden and I are following your blog very much. I think it is very good and makes me laughing.

    I enjoy most when you call your friends names....but what is this word 'yanking'? Is your friend American?