Saturday, 23 April 2011

Poppy Pointon 'chip off the block'

Well before i start my next post i must thank everyone for all the emails, comments and texts that i have received from so many friends and  blog followers.. some of the messages have been heart warming and its clear many peolpe have been through the same situation..
Walton Baliffs

Its fitting that on Wednesday i took my little daughter out poppy fishing down Dovedale, i knew that JT was down  the river with a few syndicate members showing them the ropes...
My plans were to strap Poppy in my new ruck sack and take her for a flick here and there..from my previous posts i have been desperate to catch a fish for poppy to see and this was my plan.
Daddy n Poppy on the dry

Driving down Beat 1 i saw JT in the river with Henry and Steve(Poland)... a few piss takes were shouted across the river and we all soon met up on the car park for a ice cream..
I met up with Tamer Bone who looked right in the zone, he was buzzing his head off and had been taking fish down the lower beat...always good to see...

I had a stroll with the lads and managed to put the odd spec cast as no fish were rising in the low hot conditions.. Poppy and myself went upstream and had dinner together, i had knocked us up a picnic and sat just chilling out, a special moment that we shared together, poppy asking about my dad bought back memories of our times together..I just hope that i can give poppy memories that my dad left with me...
The day had gave me two rising fish which i had pulled out from being over excited!! dry fly makes my heart pump and i can gt that sharp with my strikes i can be too quick...still i had not taken a fish for poppy but we were loving it..

The end of the day i strolled down the river with JT, Henry and Steve...
Jt Popped into the river and did what he does and hooked into a fish... he then handed the rod to poppy to catch her first ever fish...she grabbed the rod and jt guided her perfectly to land a absolute classic Dove Grayling..yes out of season but on this moment it can be forgiven as shes just like her dad lol..
Poppys face was a picture and a full clap from the crowd gave her something that will stick with her forever!! She shouted 'Daddy...a lady of the stream' !! Poppys first ever fish
Well i took the picture below and its got to be one of my best pictures speak a thousand words? this one does..
Thousand words!!!

Poppy and me were over the moon, even JT Henry and Steve were buzzing, we all went up to the walton for a pint a talk over the days fishing...
Top days and out with my little girl just makes things so much better with the loss of big Ivan xx
'All good things come to a end'

Thanks JT just what i needed bro...

Poppy first ever fish!!! priceless


  1. Pmsl.....that bloke on the bank in the second to last picture...

    "Look's that Glen Pointon...targetting out of season grayling again.....wait till I tell Malcolm about this"

    Ace post as always


  2. It was an absolute pleasure to share that moment with you and Popps. Her face was an absolute picture and unknown she'll remember it always...

  3. Well done Poppy, you'll be in the England Team before long.
    Lots of love Sheena.

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  5. Top daddy Glen! You must be some strong bugger to carry that little one of yours and still fish...Obviously you are a better wader than Woody :-)

    Next time just please give her some sunglasses mate, just for safety sakes!

  6. You may not be everything to everyone Glen......but you sure are a special Dad to those girls. xxx