Sunday, 11 April 2010

Wye oh Wye its good to back!!

I have not been blogging lately due to having no internet due to moving house and it feels like I have had my arm off.
I am still not sorted yet so I am writing this on my blackberry mobile.
I have had some great session in the last few weeks with some great pictures all ready to be uploaded so keep a look out.
I fished my first proper session on my Peacock fly fishers licence today and it turned out to be another special one..
I turned up at the Peacock around half nine and sat down for a right posh coffee to sort me out for the days fishing, the service in this hotel is something else, far away from in Stoke where you get 'what's want duck?' Well I suppose you pay triple for the coffee as you would back home..I was quite embarrassed when the waitress approached me and said 'good morning sir, hope your well and would you like me to pour your coffee!!'
I had to have a quick look around to see if it was me she was talking to! I think they are super pro in this hotel but this talk is not for me and I turned to the waitress and said 'its orate duck you don't have to talk to me with that shit!' She just looked at me with a smile and left me to it..she must have heard that 'lord rocher' was on the Wye!
Well the fishing, I met up with river keeper Jan and we spent a few hours running around the river showing me parts of the river that I could only say opened my eyes big time..
Jan is a good lad as I have said before and is always there to help you out with anything, he takes no shit and is strict with all the rules that I respect, I even managed to wangle some eggs from his chickens that were superb!!
Jan got off and I set up my first dry set up of the season, a 12ft tapoured leader down to a stroft 2lb 2oz 10inch tippet..(Sorry JT still not got to grips with 4x ect)
The river was looking sweet, gin clear with just the right amount of flow, I started to cast a line to get a feel and could not believe how shite my casting had got due to bugging for months...I soon got something like so headed off in search of fish, it was not lond before I found trout moving around on the feed taking nymphs, well as dry fly only I knew it might be hard...I spotted a huge rainbow only 8ft from the bank just holding current in a scum lane...I crept on my hands and knees very close to the fish and watched it for 5 mins, it was moving only 3 inches either way taking nymphs, I had seen sparse hatches of sedge so I opted for my size 17 ltd sedge...I used a method that Jt taught me with the dry last year and believe me no other method would of taken this fish..I put the fly 10ft infront of the fish and watched it sail down perfect, now I was no confident this fish would rise but she twitched her fins when the fly was 5ft away and my heart started to pump,(we anglers know that feeling, it might be a float twiching or a single beep on your delkim) you know what coming next... The fish very slowly pointed itself towards the surface at a angle and its mouth came 2inches out of the water and slurped it in!! I waited 1 second and hit... Fook me! This fish went nuts and zzzzzzzzzz. Zzzzzzzzz zzzzzz zZzZzzzz... Line just kept going!! I eventually landed the fish that was a tap under 4lb in superb condition...what a start to the dry fly for me.. Some people ask why I have joined the peacock and that is the reason, where in the country do you get wild fish of that power that push your fishing to the limits..
I carried on the day searching out fish and most were willing to take the dry...the hatches were sparse and nothing really got going on a hatch but all were willing to take a well presented fly..
I had a lot of fish today and don't want to gloat on numbers as my plan this year is to search out quality fish..
I did have another fantastic fish but that's another tail for another day...
Keeping it real and Living the Dream on my Wye!!
Will post pictures when online..
Nice one
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  1. The 1st Day in a new syndicate and the 1st fish will always be remembered! Sounds like you are in for some magical fishing this season Glen!
    Tight lines

  2. Good to see you back Glen. Lets sort out one Sunday on the Wye mate.



  3. Well done blogging mate...What size waggler were you using?


  4. Roger
    Yes mate anytime, give us a shout and will hit them clunkers!!
    Yes its such a special place to fish and will go down as a very good memory, i have been invited to fish your C and L Wye so am buzzing about that, few weeks and i am on!!

    The Waggler is a sweet method with a worm on the Wye!!!