Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Oliver Edwards Olive Pattern

I went to the BFFI fair with Brian a few week ago and while walking past Oliver Edawards stand i saw a fly he had on display and it caught my eye straight away.

On the Wye and the Dove there are good Blue Wing Olive hatches especially on the Wye, in fact the fish on the wye become totally switched onto a certain olive and the fish will not even look at any other form of olive!
This pattern is quite hard to get right but i have now got it down to a tee, Oliver actually gave me the fly he showed me how to tie but he took some real persuading, i did say 'it will only get stuck in a tree' to his amazement!!
I was fishing with Woody this weekend and we had a problem getting the Grayling to take the our flys until i pulled out the new pattern, it was obvious Large Dark olives were hatching in a steady amount and the fish were 'on em'.
I passed the fly to Woody and stood watching him and on his first cast i said 'i would love to see that get taken' and sure enough Woodys fly was taken, then on his second cast the fly was taken again!!!
Well i will be looking forward to using this pattern next year and for the Grayling this year...i think it will be a killer dun pattern....
I will do a step by step of how to tie one soon on my blog so keep a look out...
Nice one



  1. Hi Glen,
    can you post a copy of the tying for the OE olive on your site?



  2. Hi Peter
    I will be doing a step by step tying very soon, just having a few probs with my camera..

  3. Hi Glen,
    is that camera fixed yet? Looking forward to you posting the OE Olive