Saturday, 6 December 2014

kelly Kettle moment good for the soul,

Today i was being filmed by Howard Sooley a film maker from London, he has done a few sessions with me to try and capture the magic of fishing, not a instructive video but one for non anglers and anglers to see what feeds us...hopefully it will come across well.

my section of the Dove does not hold many Grayling but what it does however is hold massive grayling so the thrills from getting even one take beats catching hundreds of small grayling in a session..

I was flogging the Dove to death early doors with not a single take for my efforts, Howard was in the background filming  away and i knew what was needed to revive me....a good kelly kettle coffee!!

A Tesco cheese sandwich and a fire up of the kelly and i sat on my famous log with Howard as we admired this little bit of heaven..
Surprising what a break can do for your mind and i went back out with a new approach with a unweighted soft touch shrimp and a 2mm tung bead point fly just to take it under the water and drift a natural 'wafted' sts in a graylings path..
It all went to plan and my indicator stopped and i saw the big silver flank of the grayling turn on its side..
2lb 3oz of Dove Grayling in the catch and release net

Soul revived


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  1. Good to see you've revived your blog. Too good to waste Glen!