Sunday, 20 April 2014

'The Buttercup Horse'

Its still April and i am still in shock over how much good fortune i have had on my Derbyshire  rivers, the warm mild winter has obviously had much to do with this..
Around 1 o'clock in the afternoon there has been a regular trickle of the hardy Large Dark Olive which has given me excellent sport, my chosen fly has been the Jingler that is being used all across the uk by many anglers due to it sheer effectiveness, i do however feel that this fly is a early season fly and when the fish start to get wised up i will be transferring to the JT olive that has been proven for me time and time again for any olive pattern that comes off our rivers.
I am still quite on a high from my previous catch of the 4lb 2oz wild brown trout, only us fisherman know what it feels like to catch something you hunt for years and to be honest i will be buzzing for a few months...
Over the years i have learnt many techniques but small stream stalking has tested me right to the max in Fly fishing.. A broken twig or vibration from 20 yards away and your fucked in this game, these huge trout are wised up, they are looking for prey on top of eating!!
Last week i took a stroll down the river while unhooking a 1lb trout i saw a rise further upstream on a bend in the corner of my eye, maybe fishing has made me so alert these days i seem to be aware of everything around me, i creeped up on my hands and knees and saw a butter cup beauty sipping olives! a sight that never fails to pump the heart stronger... it was another horse too!
This fish was moving around the pool looking for olives and eating every one it could find...
I did not mess about i just patently waited for the fish to present its self in a good casting position and then chucked it into the food lane..
To see a big brown take a dry fly so calmly is magic to my eyes, the splashy sedge hits are good but you know you are fishing everything right with a olive dun when the take it in slow motion, another nerve jangler to say the least.
I set the hook hard and it went berserk, i shall not go into detail but it took me around 10 mins to land, it bolted down stream taking line then bolted straight across me up stream bouncing through snags!!
Finally when i lifted the net i realised i had caught another very special fish...
'the buttercup horse' at 3lb 4oz  
Without sounding like a twat i caught another fish that topped the 3lb mark but i had to walk away from the river after soul had been healed and more would of been pure greed to carry on...
'living the dream' has never meant so much
Nice one
3lb 4oz buttercup horse

the fish controlling me!!