Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Living the Dream Fly Fishing UK podcast radio

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So here it is, I have been getting my head around doing a podcast for all sorts of talk on fly fishing.

I have got some cracking interviews lined up with questions and answers from pro anglers.

It's something totally new for me to run along side my blog, I hope the fly fishing nuts can join me and have the crack along the way.

My episode 2 has Paul Gaskell from the wild trout trust answering some questions.

I have some music in there so if your on your way fishing or chilling at home have a listen.

Any ideas or questions you want on the please email me from the top right hand side of my blog


If you have a iPhone you can search glen Pointon on podcasts or click on the link below, make sure you have the podcast app installed


Also to the right hand side of my blog there is the media player if you want to play them from my blog..



See you soon

Nice one




  1. Nice one Glen, I really enjoyed your podcast. A good listen whilst just chillin' with a glass of red after making bangers and mash for seven, but that's the joy of the school hols. I'll have to get out on the river myself soon now it's started warming up at last. Great music too.

  2. Great song you should feature more songs same band. Good luck with podcasts i'll be listening.

  3. Good luck with all of this Glen.....when does the swearing kick in ? Mum.

  4. Just came across your blog and pod tonight. Really like the pod. Things like this are great to listen to while going on fishing trips or to listen to after a hard day by the loch or river. Great stuff.

    Allan. [Hillend Dabbler]

  5. Great songs Glen! I am actually listening to these songs while I am on my way to tennessee fly fishing. It takes away the boredom while I am driving. Thanks!

  6. Awright ya bawbag ;) just listened to the podcast & loved it mate thanks for pointing me in the direction, added you to my blog list for all to read and listen

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