Saturday, 23 February 2013

Soft touch shrimp makes total fly fisher

It's not often a run of the mill fly angler like myself to get in the glossy pages of the fly fishing magazines

The soft touch shrimp has turned so many grayling and mullet anglers heads, it was a amazing experience for Steve Cullen from total fly fisher to come along and spend a day with me on the river and watch me in action using my new fly pattern...

As you can imagine you just hope it all goes to plan on a meeting like this...

It did and when I started to pick of a few 2lb grayling I was over the moon...

Steve pinged his camera away and captured shots only I could dream of....

Last week I was startled to see myself on the front cover shot with a 6 page write up!!! Walking in a whsmiths and my kids seeing me on the cover will stay with me forever, my little girls think I am a famous super star and have asked if I am going on 'celebrity get me outta here' !

I have not done a blog post as late but I have had some sort of bloggers block... I have been writing this for many years now and it's like one big diary...

I have just returned from a trip to fuerteventura on a salt water fly session with reel screaming action so I will type this up while it's fresh in my head...

Dry is coming

Nice one




  1. Well done Glen, I'll have to get a copy! Can't believe they spelt your name wrong on the cover.

  2. you should cash in now selling the shrimp and the ltdSedge. class article m8

  3. Only wimps wade Glen!!!

    Well done! Very well deserved recognition for your remarkable Soft Touch Shrimp.

  4. Congratulations Glen! I think the picture would have been more powerful and emphasized the soft touch part if you had been wearing the brA and knickers you modeled on Islay!


  5. Brilliant Glen!! Just awesome thats LTD for you. See you soon mate, and the STS works a treat .
    Nice one

  6. Thanks for the comments lads, it's very nice to have credit from all the lads who have commented who are very well respected anglers of the fly..

    Cheers glen

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