Monday, 30 May 2011

Islay post 3 'finlaggen'

Finlaggen at last!
After a mad travel and my previous competition on Loch Gorm it was wicked to get the chance to fish our loch right outside our mansion where we are staying..

Our view outside finlaggen house!!!

All the lads had now arrived and that compied of Terry( USA) Mark ( Australia) James (Nottingham uk) Kev (Burnely UK) Herman (South African) Katey (Glasgow uk) Snapey ( Stoke UK)

Left to right
Islay May 2011

There was a good mix of nationality so good crack was to be expected.
We all had breakfast and had a quick chat on our methods and tactics to help on catching our first wild loch troot..
There was varied experience between the lads and Mark and Kev being very new to fishing so I was hoping to see them catch there first ever wild loch trout..

I had fished it 2 years ago so knew enough to catch fish but all my methods tend to be matching the hatch and dry fly but I told the lads this and told them they might get more fish with a tradition wet fly method...
The lads were happy to use mine and woody drys but we would switch to wets if fishing was hard going..
We all walked to the righthand bay of the loch armed with a single ltd sedge with a bright orange egg sack added for a extra trigger.. Something I have taken from Jt's sedge he uses..

The weather was superb, overcast with a slight ripple and I knew we were going to be in for some action...

Mark to my right had never really fished properly and was still at the stage of learning knots so as I looked around to see see his rod smacked over I was buzzing for him, his face was a picture as he went back to the bank side to give the fish a quick knock with the priest to add to tonight's food..
I went over and gave him a high five as I know how he would of been feeing..
Not bad for a Aussie faggot!!!

Mark the Aussie fag, showing what he was going to do to me in the evening rise!!!

The day went superb with all the lads catching fish to the dry, I was using three drys and most of the time my ltd was being hit so I opted for all three in different sizes..
The hits from these trout is so addictive, they either boil under the surface of head and tail your fly.. Striking home quick is the key and any delay will see you miss the take so you need to be right on the ball...
The fight from these wee trout is something else, for there size they hammer you around like no other I know..
All the Lads caught which was a huge success and Woody suggested a curry in town was on the cards..
The lads went off but I could not leave the water as I knew what the evening would bring..
A magic carpet of rising fish in the holy witching hour!!!
I had the whole of Finnlaggen to myself and as the light turned I took 26 fish in action like I have never experienced..
Well it was a long but lovely walk back to the house with a handful of trout in my bag for tea.. I met up with Herman and his mrs there who then cooked me the most amazing fish supper I ever tasted, I was tired and hungry and it was a perfect ending to a great days fishing, all topped down with a wee dram!!
The lads came back from the curry and we all got smashed while I got on the vice to knock ltd sedges out for the lads on the next day..

Nice one


  1. Nice one brother.......,the curry was ace but would have traded it to be there with you as you bagged up on them angry wee Finlaggan troots.

  2. Must say that between them Glen and Woody laid on a special this week, there's me catching wild brown trout in Scottish lochs, wasn't sure I would hook anything but almost straight away I was landing beauties, the only draw back was that Glen turned out to be a gay fag but then I suppose you can't have everything when you are living the dream, by the way those LTD flies are killers, cheers from Mark

  3. What a terrific week's fishing on Islay with some special people (some in fact more 'special' than others!).

    Despite the freak weather comditions I'll remember: casting a fly on a small river for the first time on a beautiful evening (and losing Glen's net: perfect gent all week and didn't blame me); Gaelic music in the Port Charlotte hotel; J Snape's modern Karma Sutra expertise; Fishing my first fly match against 'the Jocks'; Gale fishing on Finlaggan; Curry house in waders (I mean ........ ' COME ON!, 'you gotta be kiddin me'); 2.30am bed; 10.30am drams; Tarte raclette?? (cheesy spuds), baked trout (done in 7.2 minutes - no longer 'ermann), Death sauce, Undertaker, Caol Ila cask strength to combat first stage hypothermia; snail gorging trout; terns, deer, hares, pheasants, angry dragons, victorian child marked with the sign of the beast and even zombies.

    To tie your first fly then catch a fish on it is a real pleasure. Roll on next year and pen me in 100% because if you're like me and love fishing, scotland, whisky, wildlife and good company then you can't beat this. Special thanks to Woody and GP who organised the wonderful Finlaggan House and supplied whisky, beer, wine and expert fly fishing advice. See you next year maltmakers!

    'There's only one Ralfy Ralfy.....'

    up the clarets (Stoke and Vale YC's)


  4. Pmsl
    Mark i knew you were a fag too and next year i will let you yank me off..

    What a top comment and had me in stitches just reading all your memories..i had forgot some of them.....COME ON lol
    I am going to do more posts but will do one on each of you to describe if you were a bigger fag than Mark

  5. heh....come on....

    Sorry Kev and Glen but i've just had to copy and paste Kev's comment on to my blog post as it sums up the week perfectly.....


  6. What a week! Fishing Islay was incredible! First and only time in my life I've been able to shoot my entire line with only one false cast but then I suspect I won't be casting in Gale Force winds with gusts of 120 Km/H too often! The memories are incredible: Shooting the bull with Glen and the guys in the evening over numerous pints and drams while the wind and rain pounded against the windows, fishing up to my ass in water while the wind and rain pounded against me, Glen cooking eggs on the Aga with a headlamp when the electricity cut out, the looks we got when we walked into the curry house and the pub wearing waders and boots, letting myself be persuaded by Mark that an eight mile hike through the woods during a gale was a good idea, watching trees and branches come down in front and behind us while hiking, watching Jase striding along with his jacket wide open and no hat while James, Mark and I looked like drowned rats, those two nice kids who gave us a ride back to Finlaggan house so we didn't have to walk the last two miles, discovering the ultimate death sauce and, maybe just maybe, adding too much to my pasta sauce, (I did noticed that everyone was walking around bowlegged the next day) turning the air blue with curses when I lost those three lovely trout on Gorm due to my lousy tippet material, bringing that first lovely fish to the net on Finlaggan, the heart stopping rises on the infamous LTD SEDGE. tying my first flies in over twelve years, the pleasure of having fish take them, the torture of having Mark and James taking swigs of Laphroaig's Quarter Cask while I was driving us from the airport and couldn't drink and most especially the memory of a bunch of fantastic people who made this a magical moment in time! I'm there next year with a cheeky smile and a glint in my eye....

  7. Brilliant blog Glen
    I would have liked to go but school hols only..
    We are having a bit of a rod race, fellow 'Tamer' and we might need you soon...

  8. Absolute top class post Terry!! You will always have a glint in your eye Terry.. A cheeky smile... Woody is a fucking .......

    Thanks mate
    Would o been right up your street there bro.. Proper crack!!
    Let me know when you want me, will be up for that big time..
    Nice one

  9. Sounds like a class trip. Can't wait for the September one...

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