Sunday, 8 August 2010

20lb Carp 'on the fly'

Had a few hour session on my local carp lake tonight and landed this wacker on my 9ft 4# streamflex!! Taken on the JT elk hair chum mixer fly..
Earlier on I had foolishly pulled the fly out of a carps mouth by being too sharp..
Later on I was patent and let the fish turn its head and then set the hook home to a huge eruption.. the fish was given full power and landed after a mental fight to produce my biggest fish on this lake yet, I have seen a big common that will be my next target..
Not every fly mans dream to fish like this but can be some right fun if the rivers are not fishing well..
Nice one
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  1. Tarquin,

    When you say "my local carp lake" surely you don't mean the one in Bakewell town centre!?

    Get on the JT chum fly!


  2. Glen, nice fish. Lets have a pic of the JT chum fly posted up!
    Cheers, Dave.

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  5. Eh Up Glen - nice blog and I'd like to give it a try. Still reflecting on Sunday 22nd though - a great day on the Wye. The fish there are beautiful. That Grayling I landed was a PB - some thought 4lb ? but I told them closer to 1 and a 1/2!
    Even the smaller rainbows are fighters - two I had off the Fishermans Car jumped two feet out of the pool once hooked. I'll post their photo asap.


  6. It's all gone quiet on here Pointon...and further more...even Cameron has packed in and not doing her slideshow anymore.

    Come on give us some news....


  7. Mr Woodmeister,
    it's obvious that Pointon can't bring himself to answer the accusation that his '20lb' carp looks like a 12 pounder!!!
    And yes, "it's all gone quiet over there..."