Sunday, 17 January 2010

Slabbing on the Tweed with JT,Andy,Rich and Woody in Brokeback mountain

Woody, Rich, Andy, Glen

Lashed up with Richy, talking about trombones!!

JT and Andy, pair of fishing masters and also pair of pissed C"nts

Hes sitting in the right chair!!!

Woody being guided by JT

Superb fish... JT s 2lber, look at the head

Woody with a fish we dream of, well done bro!

Looks like a Barbel!!

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Here is was the trip to Scotland fishing the famous Tweed and it trib the Teviot..
I love to fish new rivers and a trip with the lads is a added bonus, the Tweed is a legendary river where dreams have been made or shattered...
I picked Woody up early hours and we headed off up the m6, Woody still half pissed from the night before! We were meeting up with JT, Andy and Richy..
We stopped for a full Scottish breakfast and then met up with JT near Hawick which is pronounced like 'ohk'
We quickly got our permits for the day and went down to look at the river.. i was surprised to see how small the Teviot was but how wrong i was when entering the river...
We all had streamflex 10ft ers with a three bug set up and heavish points to get down..
Looking over the bridge i spotted a pair of Salmon, one going well over the 2olb mark if not pushing 30!!! they were flirting about and the huge flashes were amazing to watch, it was the first time i had seen a proper Salmon river and i could see why there is a huge buzz for this type of fishing...seeing them fish got my heart racing and this is something i will have ago one day but i have so much more sport to go at on the trout and Grayling....
Richy and Andy set off one way and JT took me and Woody upstream to known spots..
JT started to show Woody the crack while i could not wait and got in..
I soon realised this was no normal river, the power of the flow was proper strong, even the shallow edges were pushing through, the river was not high, it was perfect, the bottom was pebbles and boulders with no silt could see why this is a Salmon river..
For a hour none of us had a touch until JT took a small fish which gave us confidence, Woody lost one but it soon went very quite again, i wandered off to leave Woody with JT so i could go searching around... some of the runs were amazing and looked to hold fish but i was struggling to get any action until i was standing in a deepish fast run lobbing a heavy bug set up by a huge boulder, i tightened up to feel bottom only to feel my rod get yanked downwards with pure power, the line shot out 10ft upstream in a instance and all went slack!! i had that feeling that this was no Grayling and i was short of breath knowing what i had probably hooked!!!
I started to fish hard on search of these monster Grayling, it was proper hard as you woulld see a pool and think 'fuck me if i dont catch here' only to get nothing for your efforts... this fishing does not bother me as when stalking huge fish you know its going to be hard just like my past barbel days....we could easerly gone somewhere to catch 30+ fish but we were after a clunker!!
Woody and JT joined me upstream, they had also found it hard so JT kicked in and started to fish hard..
Before long we had the shout and Jt landed a superb fish weighing in at 1lb 15 oz, as soon as i saw this fish i realized why he comes here, they are thick set with huge heads and pure mussle to cope with the strong currents...i was buzzing now as jt had hopefully found the fish....
JT was superb in walking back from the run and telling Woody to get in the run to catch a fish, how may blokes would of carried on fishing and had them to thereselves?
I stood with JT and it was only time before Woody hooked into a great fish, JT guiding him all the way so not to lose this wacker, Woody handled the fish superbly and jt slid the net under a huge male fish of 2lb 2oz, get in there!! we admired the fish and slid here back away....
Woodys face was a picture, he was on it and buzzin...
I had a go with in the run with JT but nothing for my efforts, JT said they were prob the only fish in that run and it was all about finding them...
We met back up with Andy and Richy, they had also found fishing hard with Andy taking some small fish out of a couple of pools, searching was the key....
We jumped in the cars and headed off down the lower end of the river to try a get some more action....

Update later, i am still fucked from the session on the ale and had to bash my Mrs for three hours when i got home as a present for letting me go!!!


  1. Ace write up youth. That last paragraph being textbook Pointon poetry!!

    Get some p*ss down yer.


  2. Crackin' blog Glen, and some really good photo's.

  3. Nice one Glen. Vids came out well too... Have to agree with Woody. Top quality last para.
    I am looking forward to the second installment (as I'm sure are many followers of the blog)...
    Keep it up pal.

  4. sounds like you had a great couple of days! fine blog.

  5. Glen, some great videos on there mate, will you be adding any from your homecoming 'bash'?

  6. Thanks for the comments lads, it nice to know that my blog does get read...
    Nice 1