Saturday, 12 December 2009

Dry Fly on the Wye only please!!!

I fished one of my most memorable sessions of the season today and it all come down to the more productive sport Grayling fishing i have ever had to the dry....
I pulled up around Half ten this morning and took a wander over to Peter from the fly tackle shop in Bakewell, i had a quick natter, spent some more money! and strolled across to the town centre..
The river was in fine condition, clear and slightly higher than normal but on its way down, well this spells for fill your boots fishing in any type of river fishing..
I started the day with a Three fly czech nymph set up and worked my way around taking some nice Grayling, some pushing to a pound and a half, most fish coming to the middle dropper.
I had some dinner by the river and sat puffing on my Bensons & Hedges thinking how buzzing it is to be out fishing while all the crowds are rushing around to the stress of xmas..It was one of those special days where the air was freezing and the sky was clear with a blazing sun...
I took a wonder as i want explore other area's of the river that are unfished, i came to a bend in the river where its properly the widest i have seen and in the corner of my eye i spotted a small rise, i sat watching to see a heavy trickle of Duns sailing down a fast rifle and slowing off..
Before i knew it the rises became more and more until the whole section was alive with Grayling hitting the Dun!!
Well i am still learning the method of bugging but i certainly know how to catch them on the dry as this is what pulls me to fly fishing..
I got the old feeling that i usually get around spring when the trout start looking up, i quickly set up a size 21 JT olive and set about presenting a nice dry in the runs of the fish, my first three cast were poor, i surprising how you loose the touch slightly when not fishing the dry for a while, the fish were rising a good 20 yards from me and with no wading i had to get it just right the 'fish the fly', i had to put a upstream mend in the line just before it hit the river, the next problem i had was i could not see my olive from that distance so i had to look for the rise in the vicinity of my fly and strike!, a few more casts, a slight dimple in the surface and a hard fast strike down i was into a nice grayling, 'get in youth!! i shouted with a few by standers looking at me like a twat!!
The fish were on em big time and i took fish after fish in a hour spell all to the dry, the olives soon started to thin out and obviously the fish did but i was buzzing, taking fish to the dry this time of year is amazing and it shows how good this river really is to produce so many invertebrate..
I took a few samples with my fly net and got a mix of BWO and LDO, but the fish were happy to take any..
I wandered back to my van and had a dabble here and there with my bugs but my heart was still with the dry and i decided to finish the day on a 'high to the dry'...

Nice one


  1. "I had some dinner by the river and sat puffing on my Bensons & Hedges thinking how buzzing it is to be out fishing while all the crowds are rushing around to the stress of xmas.."

    Just poetry Pointon....only you could be so poetic about fags..I think you will need to change your choice of tobacco now that your on the should be smoking big f*ck off torpedo shaped Havanas!


  2. Hi Glen,
    enjoyed the blog;pleased to see at least one of the fraternity has escaped the pre-Christmas mayhem. Cant find the JT olive pattern you you have one? Still waiting for the OE CDC Dun too.
    all the best

  3. Woody
    I knew i had some poetry in me youth!!!, the cigars are coming out this space..

    Hi Peter
    The JT olive is a patern of John Tyzacks, and its a absolute killer, i have these flys but i would not post them on hear as its part of JT's job and he sells them to his customers on guiding trips so it would be like taking money from his pocket...You could contact him and i am sure he would help you out..
    Sorry not done the OE CDC Dun yet, i will get onto it now i have my camera sorted..(another killer)
    Where do you fish Peter?

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  5. Think I spotted you above Bakewell bridge yesterday afternoon around 3 as we were driving out but couldn't park anywhere close to pop over and have a natter. Glad you had a good day, I was in Bakewell with Mrs P and of course had to checkout the river, it looked in good form. Went myself today for a couple of hours after a long while off the river, its good to be there even in this brass monkey weather isn't it.