Saturday, 18 July 2009

LTD Sedge pattern (how to tie)

I am bored out my head at home with the state of the rivers so i am going to post one of my sedge patterns that has caught me some good fish this season when fishing into the dark with the trout hitting the small black sedge. It is not a new pattern but a slight variation of a sedge pattern that was gave to me by Alex Swann from the Ladffa, it was the only fly that would raise a good fish on a certain occasion fishing with Alex..This fly is not a attractor pattern but will pull a fish when nothing is hatching but is a absolute killer when the fish are hitting sedge, usually when the light starts to fade..John Tyzack uses a fly similar to this..I am not a great fly tyer but my flys catch fish and when do you see a natural that is perfect?Materials required
Tiemco size 17 hook (tmc103bl)
Masterclass #27 Brown caddis
Olive/brown thread 8/0
Natural CDC
Deer Hair natural fine
Cock de leon feathers

Run the thread down just a wee bit past the hook point, not too far as the fly can become too bulky and longer than the natural....l Pinch on your Masterclass #28 brown caddis dubbing, not too much but make it nice and fluffy to give some buzz to the body...

Run the dubbing upto the eye making sure nice and light or the fly will sink when wet..

Take two small feathers of cdc and tie in at the hook with a couple of turns, make sure the end of feathers do not pass the full length of hook, some of the cdc should come around the eye, you want this to give the fly a life like buzz around it, some of the cdc should be under the hook, do not snip this away..

Snip off and trip neatly

Put a small dot of cement(glue) to secure the cdc, this tends to fall out if not glued as i hammer my flys in all sorts of trees ect!! Try to keep the turns on the eye to a minimum as you dont want to get a big thick head, this will ruin the fly, try a smaller thread if you get a problem..

Pinch in a small amount of deer hair at the eye, i usually use a hair stacker to get the end of the hairs straight but my 4 year old has jumped on it so had to do it by hand! dont use too much as this is where i used to ruin the fly, it can become like a big moth if your not careful, the mix of cdc and deer hair is so natural like and makes a great combination...

Tie in with 3 turns as tight as possible, dont worry about the flair of the deer hair as it can be worked back down....

This is my variation, tie in two strands of cock de leon, this is a major trigger point for me and i have proved this to work better than not using them on ellastone, the cock de leon is very expensive but lasts for many flies and it has a superb look and texture to it.. do not tie in too long, keep them shortish like the natural, dont forget this fly is not a attractor...

Snip off ends and add cement then tie off..notice the down eyed hook will sit in the film and help the front tippets to sit on the surface giving a great view to the trout and a strong trigger, i believe some fish look for these when watching them from below, fish this fly in slow to medium paced rivers, in fast rifles its hard to see so could be beefed up slightly..

The finished fly, keep it very sparce and dont bush it up and you will hammer fish in a sedge hatch late on, the fly looks very rough but thats how it should be, it has got a buzz about it..Always use the tiemco hook, they are very sharp and strong, black, and great shape for this pattern..Whats it called 'LTD Sedge' If you follow my blog u will know what it means!!Hear them slurps, bang it on, and get stuck in to em!!!Hope it helps you and its well worth ago....ThanksGlen

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  1. Nice one Glen,

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