Thursday, 18 June 2009

Ellastone 'on the sedge'

Fished Ellastone tonight with Dave (wood) off the forum, new member of DRAC,
Met Dave on the bridge at elly, had a quick look and conditions looked just right slight bit of colour and running around normal, Dave has never fished this run and is quite new to the game so we decided to wade together and walk through the stretch taking turns in casting to rising fish, i showed him some of the spots where i have taken fish in the past, it started quite slow with not many fish rising and we took around 4 fish working our way up, as we got to the water flow pipe things started to pick up and we picked up some nice wild fish around half a pound, as the light faded the river came alive to emerging black sedge, soon we started to take quite a few fish, i think Dave was a bit nervous with the wading but he will get used it, i know it well and he will soon..
As the bats started to come out we knew it was time to call it a day, we had a great night and Dave is a joy to fish with, his enthusiasm is matching mine and we had a good laugh wading through together, nights like this are what fishing is all about...



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