Friday, 4 July 2008

Sutton Brook Hatton 4/07/08

Went to sutton brook on the fenton licence tonight,
I have heard of hatches going on but there were loads of fly life, lots of brown/black moth looking flys hovering over the water, also quite a few mayfly.
Walking upstream there were fish rising everywhere,
What i did not realise was these were roach, i took 6 roach all to a adams, they were leaping out of the water taking flys!!
Further on upstream i went to the catle crossing where i have seen huge chub, as no trout were showning i put on a massive sedge and bang i hooked into a 2 lb chub!
The fight was good but nowhere near as good as a trout would be in the same weight, I then hooked and landed another 2 lber in the shoul of chub.

Near dusk i took another chub to dry fly again near the bridge section by the road, this one scrapped its head off, after landing it weighed 3 lb 4oz,
The pictures show 2 chub, the 3 lber the one in the grass and also the head shot,
Well driving back i was a little dissheartened not to have any trout but hey most course anglers would of been over the moon!
The trout seemed to be nowhere, well i will be back for another go soon.

Thanks glen

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  1. Nice looking Chub mate. I've yet to catch one on the fly, although Sutton Brook is stuffed with them. There's some big chub is the River Penk near me that I'm feeding up with dog biscuit every morning when I walk the dog. The plan this summer is to try and get one on a fly rod.